2 Great Ways To Use Your Local Tool Rental Business

If you are like most homeowners, it might be easy to ignore your local tool rental shop. After all, if you won't be installing heavy structural beams or laying concrete anytime soon, how much could that business possibly help you? Although you might feel silly meandering around machinery that you have never used before, tool rental shops are typically set up to accommodate all different types of homeowner projects. Here are two great ways to use your local tool rental business, so that you can simplify tasks and save a little money:

1: Landscaping

Unless you plan on moonlighting as a freelance landscaping contractor, you likely don't need to invest in complicated, specialized equipment that you will use once. Unfortunately, unless you want your lawn to look lumpy or that excavation to take forever, you might find yourself pricing heavy-duty landscaping machinery. However, you might be able to rent equipment and then take it back when you are finished—saving you time and money. Here are a few pieces of specialized landscaping equipment that you might be able to rent, and how they will help you:

  • Barrel Roller: If you are installing sod, you might need a barrel roller to compact the ground. These rollers, which are typically available for rent, can be filled with water to help you to quickly and easily level recently tilled earth.   
  • Lawn Aerators: Do you need to give your lawn a little breathing room? If roots become overly compacted, your lawn might not be as beautiful as it could be. Fortunately, by renting a lawn aerator for a few hours, you can spruce up your grass without destroying your finances.
  • Torches: If you have curious children, you might be worried about filling your garage with potentially dangerous equipment like landscaping torches. Fortunately, many rental facilities offer torches so that you can destroy weeds and take care of roofing projects without worrying about your kids burning down your place.  

When you encounter a landscaping challenge, contact your local tool rental place to see how they can help.

2: Party Equipment

Believe it or not, your local tool rental business might offer more than industrial-grade tools. Many businesses also offer party rentals so that you can make your next event special.

In addition to renting out tables, chairs, and dance floors, some tool rental businesses also offer fun things like bounce houses and catering equipment. With the help of your local tool rental business, you might be able to keep those kids entertained while the adults enjoy chocolate fountains or freshly churned ice cream.  

By knowing how to use your local tool rental business, you might be able to keep your garage a little cleaner and your wallet a little heavier. Contact a local rental business, such as White Bear Rental, to find out what is available in your area.