Add A Wet Bar Even In Small Spaces

If you have a huge house with a lot of square footage, then setting up even a full bar poses no problem. Perhaps your house is more on the petite side or you have a condo, though. You can still have a wet bar – you just need to prioritize space. Create a corner wet bar that serves as the hub of your entertainment.


The first step is finding the right place for your wet bar. When space is at a premium, you can't just build installations wherever. You'll need to consider practicalities, such as providing plumbing for a sink or electricity for a refrigerator. However, you should also pay attention to traffic patterns. Your wet bar should be easily accessible during parties without impeding the traffic flow. Pay attention to how the flow of people goes by during a party, and tuck the wet bar into a nearby corner.


A main consideration for designing your wet bar is ensuring it blends well with the rest of the room's style. So, if you have a contemporary room, you want to keep the bar modern. In some cases, you may choose to place a cabinet in a corner and make it over as your wet bar. However, you might want the bar to be invisible when not in use. Better Homes and Gardens describes a wet bar that's hidden behind paneled doors, hiding the bar when the homeowners don't need it. It's possible to convert a little-used closet for this purpose.


Whatever the placement and design of your wet bar, you still need certain installations to make it functional. The two most common installations are a refrigerator and a sink. You may want to include both or neither, depending on your needs. For instance, if the wet bar is in the kitchen, fetching ingredients from the main refrigerator isn't a problem. You can also do the washing up in the main sink. However, if your wet bar is going into another room, a sink at least makes tending the bar easier.


In short, for your wet bar to be functional, you need alcohol and stemware. Racks are an adaptable option that also preserve space. Your cabinetry should house big alcohol bottles and stemless glassware. However, a stemware rack installed under the cabinet makes accessing these glasses easy. You'll also want a small wine rack. You can easily tuck this into a corner. Not only does the wine rack provide utility – for storing wine or, at least, wine-shaped bottles – but it also makes an attractive tableau. A wine rack with attendant stemware gives your small wet bar a sense of sophistication.

Turn a corner of your home into a small but functional wet bar.