Gift Box Subscriptions: The Perfect Gift For The College Student In Your Life

Finding the perfect gift for a college student is not always easy. They lead busy lives, move a lot, and are not quite to the point where they're setting up a home and need items like furniture and linens. If you've been struggling to think of a good gift for the college student in your life, consider looking into gift box subscriptions. Here's a closer look at why gift boxes are so great for college students -- and some tips for choosing the right one.

Why do gift boxes make such perfect gifts for students?

When you sign your loved one up for a gift box service, they will receive a small box of gifts in the mail each month. These gift boxes are usually themed, and you can pick a theme that fits your loved one's personality and interests. There are a few reasons this arrangement works well for students.

A Good Pick-Me-Up

Getting a gift box in the mail can really serve as a pick-me-up for a college student if they're struggling with feeling overwhelmed by exams or if they have a busy week. The box will be a nice reminder that someone back home loves them and is thinking of them. And when you subscribe them to a gift box service rather than just giving them one gift, they get to enjoy this reminder month after month.

Small Items

College students don't typically have a lot of space. Dorm rooms are small, and college apartments aren't usually too spacious, either. Since the gifts that come in gift boxes have to fit in the box, they tend to be small, so they won't take up a lot of room or make your loved one's living space feel too cramped.

Varied Items

College students' needs and interests vary, and since you're in a different stage of life, you may have a hard time finding a gift that meets those interests. It would be a shame to spend $100 on a gift the student must pretend to like. With a gift box, your student gets a variety of small presents. Even if they are not in love with every item in the box, there are sure to be some things they like, so your money won't go to waste. And chances are, they can give the items they don't love to a friend who will enjoy them.

Good Gift Box Ideas

What types of gift boxes work well for college students? Here are a few suggestions.

Cooking and Seasoning Gift Boxes

Spices are expensive, so many students on tight budgets end up cooking a lot of bland, spiceless meals. Give your student a gift box that comes loaded with new spices each month, and they'll really be thankful when mealtime comes around.

Beauty Boxes

Makeup and beauty supplies are another costly type of item that your college student may want, but may not have the budget to buy themselves. A beauty gift box treats them to some new products each month so they can always feel fresh and pampered. It also lets them try products before they buy so they don't waste cash on a full-size item just to realize it's not compatible with their skin.

Sock and Underwear Boxes

Socks and underwear are the "boring" garments that your college student probably hates wasting money on. If a gift box filled with these necessities arrives at their door each month, you'll be saving them time and money since they won't have to shop for these essentials. This is a good practical gift for a student whose passions and interests you can't quite pin down. Everyone needs socks and underwear!

Whether you're shopping for the holidays or a birthday surprise, gift box subscriptions make perfect, practical gifts for any college student.