Up The Luxury Factor Of Your Bathroom With These Snazzy Plumbing Fixtures

Upgrading your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to make your home more valuable in the eyes of buyers and more comfortable in the eyes of yourself and your family members. The goal for many homeowners who elect to go for a bathroom remodel is to see a more luxury appeal in this private home space. Shopping for luxury plumbing fixtures for a bathroom makeover can actually be a lot of fun because there are so many different options. Here are three cool plumbing fixtures you can install to up the luxury factor of your bathroom. 

Install a bidet on your toilet. 

Go to visit a friend in a European country, and chances are you will find a bidet of some type on or near their toilet. However, for whatever reason, bidets are not as common in the United States. Yet, bidets are pretty high-end fixtures that make using the toilet a totally clean experience. You simply turn on a switch and the bidet sprays you clean with refreshing water. Bidets can be attached to the toilet itself, or they can be a freestanding bathroom fixture with a spray hose that reaches to the toilet. Either way, this is one implement that is bound to make your regular old bathroom feel a little more upscale.  

Implement a steam system in your shower. 

Imagine stepping into your shower, having a seat on an integrated shower seat, and turning on a steam system to melt away your stresses. Steam systems are more accessible than they have ever been, and these plumbing fixtures are not as expensive or hard to have installed as you may think. Simple water lines carry water to high-pressure steam valves that are installed into the shower wall in various areas. These steam systems can also allow you to adjust the temperature of the steam by turning the shower or bath faucet to the desired water temperature before you get started. 

Install a shower panel tower. 

Taking a shower is about more than just getting clean. Showering in a luxury bathroom is all about the experience and relaxation while you get your body clean. Shower panel towers are created specifically for this reason. These panels give the user multiple choices of how they want to shower. These towers can have a waterfall or rainfall shower attached to the top, multiple jet nozzles that can be adjusted according to desired intensity and temperature, and various other showering options. 

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