Consider Using These Shopping Mall Services If You're A New Mother

As a new mother, you may have a lot of reasons to visit your local shopping mall. Not only might you enjoy the opportunity to occasionally get out of the house with your little one, but you may also need to stock up on baby supplies or wish to meet up with another new mom and her child and walk around the mall together. If you're evaluating a few different shopping malls in your area to decide which one you'll visit, the selection of stores could be the first thing on your mind. It's useful, however, to also consider which specific services can be relevant to you as a new mother. Here are some services that many malls offer.

New Mother Parking

As a new mother, you'll appreciate visiting a local mall that reserves a number of parking spaces for new mothers around the entrances to the mall. Using one of these spaces will shorten the distance that you have to travel between your vehicle and the mall doors — especially during the winter when cold conditions and snow underfoot can make the trip from your vehicle to the mall challenging. With dedicated parking for new mothers, it will be possible to get inside of the mall in just a few steps.

Stroller Availability

You'll often find shopping malls that can loan out strollers to new mothers. While you might be used to traveling with your own stroller for your child, it's no secret that doing so has its challenges. Namely, it can be difficult and time consuming to fold/unfold and load/unload a stroller, especially if you have a small vehicle. You'll find that it's much more convenient to carry your child from your car to the mall and borrow a stroller from the Guest Services department.

Nursing Pods

While you might carry a bottle of milk with you to feed your child during your mall visit, you may also prefer breastfeeding. While some new mothers do so in public, you may feel a little more comfortable having a private space for this activity. It can thus be handy to visit a shopping mall that has a number of nursing pods set up in various locations. These pods provide a private space for you to breastfeed your child during your visit. Because the space is enclosed, you may even find that your hungry child settles down quickly because he or she isn't distracted by the various sights and sounds of the mall.

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