Shop For Garden Fountains And Decor

A large fountain or a series of smaller ones can be used to accentuate the center of your garden or the areas that surround it. Shop for garden water fountains and decor that will coincide with the design element of your garden area.

A Spouting Fountain

A spouting fountain will contain a water pump and hose that is attached to a fountainhead that contains a valve. As the water enters the interior components of a spouting fountain, it will be pushed through the valve and spray outward. A spouting fountain may be designed to release a small trickle of water or a wider stream of water that fans outward.

A spouting fountain can be set up inside of a pool or a pond. A self-supportive spouting fountain will contain a water basin, a spouting apparatus, and hosing and fittings. This type of fountain can make a prominent display and may be paired with LED lighting, decorative rocks, and water foliage.

If you choose to shop for this type of fountain, compare various fountain materials and textures that will complement the greenery, flowering blooms, and landscaping or hardscaping materials that are found within your garden.

A Gravitational Fountain With A Base

A fountain works upon the principle of gravitational force. As water is pushed upward, it will reach its peak and start flowing downward. A fountain that contains a base may be constructed of natural or artificial materials. Bamboo, ceramic, metal, rock, and plastic are some waterproof materials that garden fountains are typically made of.

If you would like to purchase a fountain with a base, choose the garden area that you would like to accent. A row of vegetables may contrast well with a fountain that is made of natural materials or that contains shiny or bold surfaces that will contrast well with the crops. Each fountain that you shop for may require electricity, a battery, or solar power to operate.

A Disappearing Fountain

A disappearing fountain works similarly to a gravitational fountain that contains a base. This type of fountain will, however, contain a pump assembly that is designed to be installed underground. Water will continuously circulate throughout a disappearing fountain's pump assembly.

A disappearing fountain may resemble a wall, a statue, or a series of plates or bowls that are stacked on top of one another. If you choose to shop for a disappearing fountain, decide how prominent you would like the fountain to be and select the decorative accents that you prefer. A bed of rocks, gravel pieces, or plants can be used as bordering materials for this type of water feature.

For more ideas about garden decor water fountains, contact a local service.