Planning Your Holiday Lights? 4 Reasons Why You Need Inline GFCI Power Cords

The holidays are on the way. It's time to start making preparations for the decorations. If you, and the neighbors, go out of your way to outdo each other each year, you need to make sure that your homes electrical system is ready for the workout. One thing you need to think about is outlet safety. Holiday decorations can really tax your wiring. If you've got GFCI outlets outside, great. That means you're already prepared to protect against electrical shorts. If you don't have GFCI outlets, or you don't have enough to get the job done properly, you'll need a few more. That's where inline GFCI cords come in handy. Inline GFCI cords are basically extension cords with builtin GFCI outlets. Here are four of the reasons you'll need inline GFCI cords for your holiday decorations.

No Need to Worry About Permanent GFCI Outlets

You never know when you're going to need additional GFCI outlets. You don't want to go to the expense of having multiple protected outlets installed around your home, but you do want to make sure that your home, and your family. Inline GFCI cords allow you to access protected outlets as the need arises. Once you're done using them, you can store them away for next time. No need for costly electrical work.

GFCI Protection Wherever You Need It

If your holiday display changes each year, you might not know where you'll need a GFCI outlet. Not only that, but your outdoor electrical needs change throughout the year. That's why you need inline GFCI cords. The protected cords will allow you to have safe electrical power wherever you need it, throughout the yard, even on the roof. They come in a variety of lengths, so you won't need to worry about coming up short on the power cord.

Inline GFCI Cords Are Waterproof

One of the problems with using ordinary outdoor extension cords is that they're not always waterproof. That means you'll need to turn your holiday display off every time there's a hint of rain in the forecast. Inline GFCI cords are rainproof, which means you'll be able to leave your display lights on all season long. No more rushing home to make sure your holiday lights are turned off when it starts to rain.

Outlets Easily Adaptable to Need

When you set up your holiday decorations, your need for electrical power may fluctuate throughout the yard. In one area, you may need only one additional outlet. However, in another area of the yard, you may need two or three additional outlets. Inline GFCI cords are built to accommodate those changing needs. You can find these cords with single, double, and even triple outlets.