Caring For Your Moroccan Rug

A high-quality Moroccan rug can be a stylish and luxurious addition to any room. However, individuals will often be unaware of the type of care a Moroccan rug will require. Here are some ways to care for your Moroccan rug.

Protect The Rug From Dirt And Stains

Dirt and stains are among the most common sources of problems for these rugs. When these substances get on the rug, they can lead to the color of the rug becoming dingy or discolored. Regularly washing the rug will be necessary for preventing this type of wear from ruining its appearance. Due to the fact that this style of rug is woven, you will want to be very careful when washing it. Rather than using a washing machine, it may be more effective to use a carpet cleaner with a rug attachment as this will allow you to easily and safely shampoo the rug.

Limit The Amount Of Sunlight That Shines On The Rug

Authentic Moroccan Rugs For Sale are often characterized by their intense and vibrant colors. Unfortunately, individuals may fail to consider that sunlight can bleach pigments if the rug is exposed to it for long periods of time. Positioning the rug away from windows and other sources of intense sunlight can help to limit this type of bleaching so that your rug's colors will last for years.

Use A Rug Pad

A rug pad can be a useful investment as it can help to keep the rug from sliding around on the floor. It will help to prevent the rug from coming into direct contact with the floor, which can help to limit the amount of dirt and dust that the fabric of the rug absorbs. To ensure that your rug pad perfectly fits your rug, you may want to invest in pads that can be easily cut. This is particularly useful if you have a rug that is an unusual shape or size.

Avoid Putting The Rug In High-Traffic Areas

While Moroccan rugs are highly durable, they are also a sizable investment. To ensure that this rug is able to last for as long as possible, you should avoid placing it in areas that receive particularly intense foot traffic. This can include near entrances to the home and primary hallways. You may also want to avoid placing this rug in the bathroom, as the humidity from bathing may degrade the fabric that is used in the rug.