4 Ways To Use Candles For Stress Relief

Reducing stress is an important element in anyone's daily routine. One element that helps any stress-reduction process is a candle. Candles provide invigorating scents and moody lighting to help calm senses and provide relaxation. As you seek out ways to reduce stress, consider multiple methods for candle use in the home.

1. Hot Baths

Relax your whole body with a hot bath surrounded by candles. The scents offered from candles can help you relax and transport you to different locations. For example, the Escapist Candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio includes scents based on locations all over the globe. You can smell sandy beaches as you lay in warm water.

Choose scents to fit your mood and create a relaxing environment with all the candles you have on display. The hot bath can become a regular routine, especially after long days of work where you want to rest and relax your body.

2. Visual Enhancements

Sometimes, an image or screensaver can offer some visual stress relief. You can pair the visual treatment with a candle to match the mood. For example, if you de-stress with nature slideshows of mountains, then you can pair the nature-based visuals with a scented candle that matches.

A candle featuring wildflowers or wood elements would enhance the mood and relaxation.

3. Meditation

Candles often play an important role in meditation and stress reduction. You can surround yourself with a few candles to create a relaxing atmosphere and help meditate to reduce stress. As you attempt to meditate, you can focus on the flame of a candle and relax as the flame dances and flickers.

When you close your eyes, the scents of a candle provide relaxation and comfort. You can seek out candles with specific scents that bring you comfort and a sense of calm.

4. Reduced Stimulation

Over-stimulation can cause stress in many people, including bright lights, television, music, and cell phone screens. Power everything down, and light a candle to provide a little ambient light as you relax and unwind. The soft glow of the candle prevents a room from being completely dark, and you can sit in silence and enjoy the peaceful nature of a candle.

You can make this process a daily or weekly process, to help you unwind and reduce stress. With each new session, you can try out different candle scents to find your favorite.

Over time, stress reduction will make you feel happier, could help you sleep better, and will change your daily habits.