Desirable Features In Athletic Crew Socks

While you can buy crew-length socks to wear during your everyday life, this type of sock can also be useful to wear during athletic pursuits. Whether you're jogging on a track or trail near your home, working out at the gym, or taking part in a team sport, crew socks can provide comfort for your feet. When you shop for this type of garment with the intention of wearing it while you're active, it's important to look for pairs that offer certain desirable features. Often, you'll see these pairs labeled as being good for sports. Look for socks that have these features.

Reinforced Heel And Toe

It's important for your crew socks to have a reinforced heel and toe, especially if you'll be wearing them while you're active. These are two parts of a sock that can wear out over time, and this can especially be a concern if you're playing sports because of how aggressively you may start and stop. Quick starts and stops are prevalent in many sports, including basketball and tennis. Look for crew socks that have reinforced heel and toe sections, and you won't have to worry about your socks wearing out in these two areas.

Arch Support

Another feature to look for when you buy athletic crew socks is built-in arch support. Typically, these socks will have a compression ring in the center of the sock that is designed to support the arch of your foot. When you're on your feet a lot — which is often the case for those who are active — it's often possible to suffer from plantar fasciitis and other foot issues. You may find that the compression ring of your sock helps to prevent the onset of discomfort. For someone who doesn't want to miss any workouts or games, this feature can be critical.

Moisture Wicking

You'll also want to look for crew socks that offer moisture-wicking abilities. This feature means that the fibers in the sock pull moisture away from your skin, which can be helpful for keeping your feet dry. Many people contend with high levels of perspiration during athletic endeavors, especially when they're active in hot environments. In addition to feeling unpleasant, sweaty feet can sometimes result in painful blisters. When you wear crew socks that help to keep your feet dry, this won't be a concern.

Look for athletic crew socks at a local sporting apparel retailer.