3 Ways To Encourage Charitable Donations From Children

Empathy goes a long way in building respect and kindness in children. The earlier you build a foundation of empathy, the more natural it will be for a child to grow up and showcase empathy on their own. One way to do this is through charitable donations. Many causes seek out donations to provide research and direct support to people in need.

Learn about ways to encourage your child to make charitable donations. You may create new traditions and help others in need along the way.

1. Shop To Provide Cancer Support

Many charities are built right into the everyday actions we take. One way to encourage donations is through a charity shopping program. Many online websites have built-in stores that donate proceeds directly to cancer support. Along with looking at products, you can break down how the charity process works.

If you just purchase products blindly, a child may not understand the impact and charitable cause. Look up the charity's official website and learn how the money is used. Some young children may not even understand the reality of certain illnesses like cancer. Use the opportunity to educate and showcase how your donations will help.

2. Read Personal Stories

Along with learning about what a charity does, you could build more empathy when you find personal stories to share with the child. While any personal story can build empathy, a good place to start is with similarities the child can relate to. For example, you could find stories about people the same age as a child or someone who lives in a nearby location.

Those small connections will help build empathy and could encourage the desire to help in multiple ways.

3. In-Person Donation Options

Seeing the impact of a donation may not have the same effect when done behind the computer screen. Take your charitable donation one step further by offering in-person donation options. For example, if you shop to provide prostate cancer support, then the items you shop for could also turn into charitable donations.

You could donate food and clothing to a local food bank. You may also choose to purchase toys and bring them to a local children's hospital. The extra step of taking the items to a physical location could make a difference for the child and help build their empathy.

No matter what method you choose, try to make the process a regular thing so the child continues to build their empathy and learns ways to support others. To learn more about how to shop to provide cancer support, contact local charities in your area.