Options For Personalizing Mailboxes With Name Plates

Homeowners spend a lot of time and money on the exterior of their homes. Even choosing the perfect mailbox is an issue when every detail matters. After selecting the model, the owner can personalize it with mailbox name plates. The design will depend on what information people wish to display and what they like. Here are some of the options to consider.

Selecting a Material

Mailbox name tags and plates come in plastic and metal. The metal options usually come in either brass or aluminum. These metals have the benefit of being lightweight and durable. Durability is most important because of the exposure of the mailbox to the elements.

Some people prefer self-adhering decals, most often made from water-resistant vinyl. The decals can come as a single piece with the desired information printed in a pre-chosen design. Also available are sheets of individual numbers and letters for the homeowner to select what they need.

Determine a Design

Name plates and other add-ons attach to the side or front of the mailbox. Some companies also offer metal toppers that mount to the top of the mailbox. Homeowners can choose between custom plates with the information included or a blank plate. Homeowners can personalize their blank plastic or metal plate with vinyl stickers or lightweight metal numbers and letters.

Custom metal plates come in an almost endless array of styles and colors. These are often etched or engraved with the information the customer provides. Some companies also offer designs in cast metal. The plates have pre-drilled holes to enable easy mounting to the mailbox with screws. 

The U.S. Postal Service has requirements on how high to place a mailbox and where they should be in relation to the street for curbside delivery or on the home for walking mail carriers. Decorative trim and other features are not restricted other than the height of at least one inch for address numbers.

Select the Information

Mailbox name plates can include the information the homeowner wishes. Many mailbox tags are the number of the house only. Some people add their family name and complete address. The size of the mailbox will determine how much to include. It must be large enough to enable mail carriers and others to read the information from the street.

Some people use only a simple mailbox with the house number on the front or side. Many other homeowners want their mailbox to look as personalized and appealing as their home. Regardless of what people choose, they should always use quality materials made for use outdoors to prevent any damage to the name plate or mailbox.