2 Features To Look For When Purchasing A New Holster For Your Handgun

Whether you have recently purchased a new firearm or have an older one you wish to start carrying, you may be looking for a holster. When looking at available holsters, you will find that there are many different styles that allow you to carry a handgun in various ways, such as on the hip, under your shoulder, or even on the ankle.

No matter what style and carrying method you choose, there are specific features that you will want. Below are a couple of features to look for when purchasing a new holster for your handgun.

1. High Retention Level Keeps the Gun from Falling Out and Prevents Others from Easily Removing It from the Holster

One feature you should look at carefully when choosing a new holster for your handgun is its retention level. This level indicates how snugly the firearm will fit while in the holster.

When choosing a retention level, look for one that has a high rating. A high level indicates that the holster will keep a tight enough hold on the handgun without the fear of it falling out. It also will keep enough of a grip that will prevent someone else from easily removing it from the holster without your permission.

2. Full Coverage of the Gun's Trigger Without Hindering You from Smoothly and Safely Drawing the Handgun

Another thing you should look at when choosing a holster is how well the material covers the gun's trigger. When the gun is holstered, the trigger should be completely covered to keep it from discharging accidentally while you are wearing it.

However, the material should not cover the gun so much that you are unable to easily remove the firearm. The holster should allow you to safely draw the gun in one smooth motion without catching on the edges, which could cause an accidental discharge if the material were to snag on the trigger during the gun's removal.

When picking out a holster for your handgun, you want to make sure it has a high enough retention level to keep the firearm from falling out while carrying it as well as help prevent others from easily taking it out. The holster should also have enough material to fully cover the gun's trigger without keeping you from safely and smoothly drawing it. For further assistance with selecting a holster, speak with a representative from a company such as Diamond Spear LLC.