The Proof Is In The Details - Creating A Rustic Tiny Cabin

Whether your tiny cabin is going to be your full-time home because you've made the transition to a tiny-home life or you have a tiny cabin tucked away in the woods as a humble getaway, decorating a place like this is a lot of fun. For most people, they want their tiny cabin to have that charming, rustic feel just like the place could've been built a long time ago. If this is the ambiance you want in your tiny cabin, the real difference is going to be in all of those small details that attract attention in the space. Here are three details to include in your tiny cabin home for a rustic appearance. 

Antler Lighting 

The collaboration of antlers and rustic-themed homes has been long-standing, and it is for good reason. Long ago, people who owned crudely built cabins would've naturally used every available element for some purpose, and shed antlers would be easily found in the woods or harvested during a hunt. Antler lighting comes in many forms these days, both with natural and synthetic antlers. You can find:

  • chandeliers that are formed almost entirely out of interwoven antlers
  • light fixtures with integrated antlers
  • free-standing lamps made out of antlers

Log Furniture

There's something that naturally exudes "rustic" about a piece of furniture that boasts an actual log harvested from a tree of some sort. For example, a coffee table supported by narrow log pieces, short log pieces cut into a dining table base, and a log bed frame all have a rustic nature that you just can't avoid. Of course, some log furniture can be pretty space-consuming. Therefore, picking out log furniture for your tiny cabin can be a bit of a challenge, but these are pieces your interior should not be without. 

Wagon Wheel Fixture

The primary means of travel in the olden days was with a horse and wagon, so wagon wheels would naturally be found hanging out at a homestead. If you really want to add a touch of authenticity to your tiny cabin, pick up a wagon wheel fixture to include in the home's design. You can find everything from pot hangers that are made out of wagon wheels to coat racks fashioned out of wagon wheel pieces. It will be fun to shop around and find that one wagon wheel that will be a focal point in your home. 

For more information and ideas for decorating your tiny cabin, contact businesses like Crooked Creek Antler Art.